Happy birthday to super mom!  You are the most giving person I know, not just to me but to everyone. I have been blessed to be given the best example of  a hustla. Mom every dream you want to do, you do. The world is at your finger tips! You live everyday like you want, and that to me is the true definition of happiness!! I love you and so does CJ, A LOT!!  I have only known you as a mom and only for 28 years so I asked a few people that know you different and have known you longer to help me out…


Grandma julia wrote….


My little girl.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Becky.  This pic was taken in the driveway of our house on Century Blvd. when Becky was about 4 years old.  That face has not changed. She was as unflappable then as she is now.

There is One incident that I will never forget. On her 3rd birthday, For some reason i was scolding her (don’t judge me!!!) for something I can’t remember (what could a 3-year do so bad) and threatened to send the new bed we gave her for her birthday back to the store.

Without pause, she looked at me with her big eyes and asked “Can I sleep in in it tonight”?  She had a way of making you see the silliness  of your ways.

Unflappable Rebecca.

She is smart, sensitive, loving and beautiful.

Auntee Gena Wrote:

This is one of my favorite days; not just because it is my sisters birthday, but because it starts the only three months out of the year that she is four years older than me, instead of three.  My big sister is a wonder to behold; she has more energy than 20 energizer bunnies.  If she is not in Los Angeles working full time and mentoring youth, she is running in Atlanta or Vegas for a good cause.  Early this year, she made up her mind that she wanted to be fit and health conscious and she did just that.  It is impressive and inspiring to see someone have a goal and go for it full throttle.  That is my sister, a go-getter and a force to be reckoned with. Happy Birthday Sissy.


Enjoy the game!!

sign off


  1. You guys are so sweet! Thank you so much for my birthday wishes. I love you all tremendously! I’m only able to be me through the love I feel from my family! This was a great birthday!!

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