I love OWN network it brightens my day. I try to be as open as possible to my life, to what comes my way. I may start off in the negative and eventually I come around (God bless my friends). I was on the fence on going to my  exes grandmothers funeral, I don’t like to go to anyones funeral I hate them. I love his grandmother she was very good to me, but I just didn’t want the extra drama. I found every excuse, but god answered all of them with a strong rebuttal. I’m not sure why god wants me at this funeral. I just promised myself I would go with a open heart to pay my respect. Watching super soul sunday, I learned that nothing is by accident. I have had so many aha-moments in the last year, they all come from me being open to see them. I really think of myself as a spiritual person, don’t get me wrong I believe in god, I just don’t know about the rules of religion. Me and jenni always have these discussions. I use the bible as a guide book, to lead me. I realize I’m not perfect, I will make mistakes, but I use my mistake to get me to my next lesson. For me I understand my journey never stops. As long as your open and ready you will continue to grow and learn. Whatever your path try your best to be open and present.

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