I am not really into politics, but I try to be mindful of the people who went thru hell so I could vote. I had no intention on voting, until “someone” put on the pressure. He called me out on my excuses and made me feel bad, so I went ahead and voted. I think if your dating or with someone, and they don’t challenge you, or make you better it’s not  worth your time. Not trying to change you, or make you feel less than. They should empower you to make the best decision, and challenge you to do better when you make the wrong decisions. I have never been good at hearing the good and the bad, but thanks for calling me out and expecting nothing but the best!! I voted for #Obama and he won!!! I was not  as into it as some, but I can say I was glad to be apart of it. CJ was too.


#NowPlaying: Young Jeezy : My President is BLACK!! 🙂

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