1year ago to this day, I was at the cork 25 pounds bigger very unhappy. Not just because I was over weight, but because my whole life as I knew it was falling the fuck apart! I had no clue how strong I was, or what was to come. I grew so much in the last year. I became a woman. I learned one huge lesson, My journey is just that mine I don’t have to please anyone but me and god. I am 28 happy and on a continues journey to become the best me, I have a beautiful son, who is genuinely happy, I have my health, I move into a place that’s all mine for the first time. I have some of the greatest friends, for the first time in my life I can say I have everything I want! I am happy. Thanks y’all for hanging with me this year thru all my bullshit, it was huge! It has shaped the rest of my life! Thank you @jenni for you to move in and literally pick me up, I can never repay u! Your my best friend not just because we both used to like scrubs, lol but because u were sent by god. I love you more and more everyday. @Kieko u literally saved my life, I have no clue what could have happened. I can’t imagine another woman to grow with. So happy we had each other to grow up with, thank you don Thompson! I love the woman u are, but I love even more that we can still laugh till we cry! You taught me how to not judge! You are a person that I will always be 100% with. I can’t wait to cut a rug in dc. Tell mark sorry ahead of time I have saved my laughs for Friday!!!!!! To my mama thank you for being a great example of a woman. We don’t see eye to eye but we see heart to heart! God placed you as my mom to show me how to get thru my life with out breaking a sweat. I still have not got this lol. You have been thru so much, you are a strong ass woman. You are blessed beyond measure. You raised me and did such a good job alone! U never complained, and you had so many reasons to! I love that you just roll with it like nothing can take ur joy!!!! I’m not there yet but I at least want to be! 2 my grandma gayle thanks for giving me u, your the best grandma, a girl can have. I’m glad we are at this place in our relationship. To auntee Gena you were my person I looked up to, your life seemed perfect, now I know it’s not perfect but you work very hard to make it what it is. I finally feel able to make my own version. Thanks for being a great teacher! Derek Stephens aka my baby daddy, thanks for loving me when I didn’t know how to love myself. I forgive you, and not only that, I forgive myself. We have a job to do with Cj and I’m ready. Lastly SJ I know ur ass is reading this, lol thanks for just being u that’s enough!!!!! To all the haters and people that look at this not really caring but to judge, I wish you a better life, lol I’m praying for you.

P.S. This is real, I wrote this when the clock struck midnight, I hope it’s not to real. I can assure u it’s coming from a good place.

4 thoughts on “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY… NOV4TH…. 28YEARS OLD…

  1. Congrats on your year journey! May the rest of your life journey be in the hands of the lord and let your light shine through this crazy crazy world…. Godbless!

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