I watch A LOT, of T.V, most of it I view as pure entertainment. There are two shows that I feel are a must see : Iyanla fix my life, and Couples Therapy. I have spoken about Iyanla before so for this post I will write about Couples Therapy. I feel like this is a must see for people in or out of a relationship. If you are in a relationship it helps you see your spouse and yourself more clearly, it allows you some comfort to knowing you are not the only one. It also gives you some tool’s to help your relationship. If you are not in a relationship, this show can guide you thru the up’s and downs of relationships, and marriage. It will allow you to see yourself in others, and push you to take the steps to help yourself. One thing for me is I never let anyone I was dating in all the way, I always had walls up, that comes from my “daddy” issues. One line that was used on the show that I felt connected to was: are you afraid that if you let him in, he will leave? I answered before the girl could lol. I never let my husband all the way in my heart, I always felt I could take him or leave him. I think that was the biggest issue in our marriage, he didn’t feel like I gave a fuck about him.  I have shed many tears over my marriage, and feel a lot of guilt. For me I always felt I had to protect my heart. Now don’t get me wrong my ex know my fav store, color, show, but he doesn’t know my fears. I realized this watching the show, I treated him like I didn’t need, or even really want him. Even when it was over I was willing to work on “us” for the look of things, for my son. Not until I really looked inside myself did I even realize I was to blame as well.  Then It was just to late. I get it, I still want love, but this time I’m doing my work so that I can give love too. I hope you guy’s check these shows out! If you have what do you think?






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