LOL! My mom is a real warrior when it comes to fitness. She inspires me everyday. My mom is one of those people, that if she is going to do it, she makes sure she does it well. I called my mom on Sat morning like what are you doing, she said about to start my golf lesson. Wow on top of running 3-4 times a week, working a full time job, teaching at risk kids on fridays, and rowing a damn boat from time to time. She wants to try new things!! After I spoke with her on Sunday I found out she also did a 10 mile race, and a 3.2 mile obstacle course!! Yes thats 13 miles in one day. I just want my mom to know you are the shit!! It is no other words to describe it! I think you are an inspiration to woman everywhere. Continue to do the things you love! No matter how much I tease you, its out of pure jealousy I can’t find the time to wash, let alone all the things you do. Keep it up!!


4 thoughts on “MY MOMMA IS THE SHHHHHH….

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