I was on this blog, where they discussed why black women are fat. I took away the three 8 rule. The three 8 rule is, drink 8 glasses of water, sleep 8hours a day, and walk 8 miles a week. I was willing to try it, I also added one rule, no eating after 8. I feel good, I’m making better choices on what I put in my mouth, its really hard to not eat after 8, but my body is loving the 8hours of sleep. I think this is and easy way to start your weight loss journey. I lost 3 pounds my first week, eating 3 meals and 2snacks a day. staying under 1200 calories. I have a lot of work left, but I’m committed to my journey. What are some of the things you do?



I’m not where I wanna be, but I see some difference. I have not been anywhere near a size 8 in over 10 years. I have started to love myself  thru this journey. I’m so happy  I did this for myself, and not a man. We all have a journey and I’m happy with mine, but damn don’t I miss those chili cheese pastrami fries.

2 thoughts on “THREE 8 RULE +ONE…

  1. I miss the chili cheese pastrami fries too!! One step that I use daily is I out chlorophyll in my water… I use the mint flavor… Good for your body and tasty too !!

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