Okay so I have a vision board, I put everything from more kids, to bags and sunnies I gave away or sold. I had 2 pairs of these Dior Glossy glasses, one I gave away and one I pulled a ghetto move and returned!! To make it worse I returned it to get Tory Burch flats, I was cra!! So dior stopped making them, they just kinda feel off the planet!! I have been on a hunt and last night I found them HERE. Done and Done lol. I was able to place them on layaway, and get them out rt before christmas. I love this site because they are guaranteed authentic! I paid way less than on ebay and I can return them if I decide to. They have al kinds of stuff , I would for sure check them out. Whats on your must have, I need that, I’m looking for list?


These are them…

Can u find them on my vision board??

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