I have been on this lipstick kick, trying to figure out if it’s for me or not. I didn’t want to spend 20+ dollars, while trying to decide. So I purchased Jordana, I love the response I’m getting. I love my new look! I was confused on why or how they could give you great colors, for just  $1.50.  Well I figured it out.  The use cheap packaging, and cheap mechanism’s. 2 out of the four lipsticks I purchased broke? I still love the colors but I think I’m more of a Chanel girl lol… So I purchased little plastic jars to put the colors in until I can get my budget in order to afford the real thing.  See y’all next time.




2 thoughts on “BEAUTY BAG TUESDAY…

  1. haha you’re totally right! I also think drug store brands are not up to par. But for certain items… I’ve found great mascara and eyeliner and I won’t buy the brand names. Lipstick from Revlon brand has been good, lipstick from sephora brand melted in one day from being left in the car. But the MAC brands are still kickin. Chanel… that’s a whole other bracket I have yet to reach! lol but when I buy my chanel it will have to be a color I love. Experimenting with the cheaper brands is the way to go.
    Love your big hair with the bow head band xoxo

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