Its amazing to speak with smart young man!! Even though I didn’t want to hear, all the things I needed to hear!! I decided to take the next step in my finances, putting everything on the table. learning to live close to bare bones. Money has always been a HUGE thing for me. When I wanted to do this blog, it was between money & fashion. I chose fashion, because I was not  financially where I felt comfy enough to inform others. I recently spoke to Jarim Person Lynn, who runs a blog called  This is why you broke! He also runs a website called the Winners Circle Movement, where they act as your personal financial trainers.  I laid it all out, and he highlighted my fuck-ups. Not just that, he also showed me what my next steps were. I think for so long I have done budgets, and made plans about my finances, but was not held accountable. In most marriages one person does the bulk of the finances, I was that person.  I could re-do the budget as many times as I needed. If we had 100 I knew where it was. If I came home with a new bag, my husband never would call me on my shit. I loved it, but what I realized is,  I need a man that is willing  to sit down once a week, and look at our financial life. As financially savy as I think I am, I have very bad habits and basically i’m like a kid in a candy store. The only time I live below my means is when I fucked up so bad that I have no other choice. At 27 I want to be healthier and smarter in everything I do. I get everyone doesn’t want to live debt free or even know how to, or where to start. If you want to even learn I suggest contacting Jarim. He will tell you what is needed to get to where you need to be.  Enjoy your family day!!

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