I love things that are edgy, and stand out. I am a jewelry girl, but I don’t want jewelry that is everywhere. Honey B Gold is very unique, and for sure will set you apart from the crowd. I included all my picks that you can find HERE. I also added some info on the creator and her vision of the brand.


About Natalia…(owner of Honey B Gold)

I was raised amongst people that have allowed me to express myself as an individual, and I was always encouraged to be me regardless of what picture it painted. I’ve been drawn to Art, Music, and Fashion since I can remember, which heavily influences me to create the pieces that I do. What started off as a hobby for me, has quickly become my obsession, and my passion. I am inspired by strong and independent women who are not afraid to break molds, and cross barriers. I create pieces for the heroines of my daydreams, and for the unsuspecting fly girls that become my muses. I hope to continue to draw inspiration from bad bitches, all ages, shapes, and sizes.


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