I recently cut my hair over 5 inches, mostly because it was in bad shape. So I took a vow, that for the next year I’m going all natural. I want my hair to get a year of rest from heat. I wear my hair natural sometime, mostly just out of need. I decided that I want to learn the correct way to get the best results, and take the best care of my hair. So I googled black natural hair, it lead me to youtube? I had no idea all the stuff you could learn on youtube. I also had no Idea the amount of black woman who wear natural hair. It was like going to school, I would hear a term, have to stop the video and google the word lol. I always braid my hair at night but my curls are not curls, they end up more like waves. So I wanted to learn how to maintain my curl at night. I found a method called the pineapple lol. A lot of woman use it and I decided to try it out ( I will tell you how that works). So many of the video’s I watched talked a lot about dryness, and products. I learned to take the way I condition my hair more serious, and to do it in smaller sections. I also learned to use cold water and scrunch. I didn’t so much worry about the names of the products they used. I looked for the kind of product, oil, setting lotion, cream, conditioner leave in or not. I realize that every type of hair reacts different to different products. I work well with mixed chic’s, but not there leave in conditioner its to heavy for my hair. I did pick up two things besides the pineapple :). 1) to make sure I use some type of oil, and 2) to use a spray bottle to make sure you evenly distribute the product to your hair. What are some of your hair tips? Could you go natural?


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