In motherhood it is extremely difficult to prioritize. So many things to do… so little time. One thing that you must not forget is your husband/boyfriend/ significant other. Easier said than done. I know.. I know… after waking up you have gotten yourself dressed and the kids made breakfast ,lunch to go, put a load in the washer and off to work all by 7:30 am. Not to mention in the evening, finding something for dinner, making a pre dinner snack for your child, putting the clothes in the dryer (from this morning) and started to help with homework. So by the time you see your significant other you are exhausted and have an attitude. Ladies…. We need to make a point to spend time with our man. It needs to be as important as your designated  hour lunch… as important as it is to getting to work on time.. this is very important.  He needs his time with you too! So, not only just one night a week , prepare for the date night set aside a hour per day to spend with  your man. If it is a show you both love to watch or sharing a chore together to just plain ole’ talking spend the time even if you have to drink coffee to keep you awake, it will be so worth it in the long run.




I know the economy has gotten our wallets tightly bound but setting aside money to go out once a month is worthwhile. On the alternate weeks, put the kids to bed early and have a special desert together. Ladies.. doesn’t have to be much.. store bought cake sliced with sliced strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Or if you like chocolate store bought brownies (or you can make them on your own) ice cream and a drizzle of caramel syrup. Other ideas would be to ask someone to watch the kids and if you are by the beach take a walk at sunset or later, drive around a new area you all have never explored and get ice cream from the local Rite-aid. Spending this time will allow you to become closer to one another and cherish the feelings of why you all feel in love in the first place. After a couple of times of your planning, I know he will have suggestions on the next date or if your lucky he will plan the next date on his own!!


Written by: January Prince


  1. I love this january, I never did date nights and u see where that left me lol I think when u become a mom u think only baby, and money so date night is out for those reasons alone lol! So I think the time u can’t spend not talking baby or money or life just hanging will do good!

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