I did not like school so much, but I loved dressing for it LOL (sorry mommy). Backpacks for most people are a need not a want, but for me it was a built in accessory. I changed backpacks at least twice a week, more like everyday. I had nine different options all different shapes colors and sizes! So for the girl that is in high school or college with high style, these are my three must haves…


Now I’m not sure if she is a king pin’s girl or not lol, but these are backpacks I LOVE. For travel, or for ease I love them. The MCM option comes in all kinds of colors, but for me nothing is like the original. The LV is by far the best option (I had the swap meet version in college sorry Quete). Lastly the pink “OG” Jansport doesn’t need any explanation.  Happy Thursday!!

2 thoughts on “BACK 2 SCHOOL…

  1. Parents around America are now mad with you talking about 9 different options. You must have bought them with your allowance!! I bought 1 per year.

    1. I’m sure u bought one, my grandmothers bought one each, auntee Sybil or uncle Lonnie and yes I bought some with my allowance lol mom I was ur only girl it’s okay that you spoiled me a lil bit lol!

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