My mom has this theory that if you are in a relationship, and gain, or lose 20 pounds, you break the relationship “contract”.  Yes I said my MOM said this lol. Now before we all get crazy, I don’t think pregnancy is included. She feel’s as though 20 pounds bigger, or smaller, you look different. That change gives the other person the right to re-negotiate LMAO.  I always thought it was harsh, but every time I tell a man, they start to crack up, and they always agree!! What do my laddies think? Now my mom thinks, woman, and men need to be held accountable for health and the way they look. LOL I know my moms a handful.

4 thoughts on “20 POUND GRACE….

  1. You know me and yo momma don’t agree on this. For better or worse covers weight gain. So renegotiate the contract means what? You can cheat? You can try to shame me by making comments about weight? Yeah, no. I think that we are all responsible to take care of our weight and health; it should have nothing to do with the ” marriage contract”.

    1. LOL, I agree with both of you! I just can understand that If I let myself go or he lets his self go, we may not be attracted to each other. I think we should be able to say hey baby lets get back to where we used to be, and do it together!! I know real life babies, work, life gets in the way! 🙂

      XX ALIX

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