LOL! My mom says this to me a lot, but it usually has to do with my nosy behavior. Today I’m referring to worrying about your competition! I have never had low self esteem, but lately I have begin to think that because I’m not a size 6, I’m single. I know thats not the case, but it has been going thru my mind  a lot lately. Watching  Oprah yesterday she said a quote that has been in my head ever since.

“The way you step up your game is not to worry about the other guy because you can’t control the other guy…you only have control of yourself.”

For me this applies not only to dating, but to all parts of life. I can’t control who’s blog is better or worse than mine, all I can control is how authentic, and real my blog is!! I began losing weight because I wanted to, not for a man or even for the attention of a man. I got married at my biggest 230! I finally can say it out loud and to anyone. I want a man that is in love with my soul, but that also finds me attractive. Before I find a man that feels that way I have to feel that way, Im not there yet, but i’m on my way….Happy Monday!!


6 thoughts on “STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE….

  1. so absolutely true. it’s so hard to get to that point but getting older makes it easier to focus on what’s important in our lives. I’m right there with you! there’s always something to better ourselves both inside and out xoxo

    1. I thought I responded to your comment, but It didn’t post! We discuss this type of stuff all the time, its getting easier but we are human and we have slip ups lol thanks for reminding me its always 2morrow.
      XX ALIX

  2. Funny u say that… Stay in your own lane… Lord knows I’m tryin… A work in progress…. Slow progress is what it is…. My question is why would I stay in my own lanes when there are so many out there… Lol… See I told u I’m working on it. God ain’t done with me yet!!

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