I spent all today watching and doing thing I wanted to. I saw this quote that I’m placing below;


I saw this quote and right away I hit home for me, I instantly stole the picture and placed it on my own instagram, and facebook. I stated to watch and old Oprah show. On the show they discussed a book called “Something more: Excavating your authentic self “. while discussing the book, they also used this quote. That shook me, I totally tuned into everything  they were saying.  I know that right now, I’m out of sink with the core of me. I feel as though I am on the right path. Thru self reflection,  being open to knew things, while  still maintaing my truth. I think everyone knows when something isn’t right, we all get the, whispers, yells and if you don’t hear or pay attention to that, (like me) you go thru the brick wall falling down lol.  I am a woman who loves love, and has always wanted true life changing love!!  I’m learning that, earth shattering love starts with loving myself, and knowing that I deserve that love as well. This blog started and still is a labor of love. I hope that as I grow, so will my reach. I once had a convo with Emily from cupcakes and cashmere, about people and how they react to your blog. She said “you will learn to do the blog for you, and once you do that, everything else will come”. That has helped me more than she could ever know. Some people hate that I use Shit in the name of my blog, rather than stuff. I get it, and totally understand what they mean, but I have to live for what I think, rather than what anyone else would do. I am okay to deal with the results of my own choices.  I hope your weekend was as rewarding as mine.


  1. Great quote! I think it hits home for a lot of us! The way of the world has changed things are not the same it is just best to roll with the pinches and trust and believe in God.

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