It’s been a tricky week, I have changed my circle a little. Learned that just cause you feel that way, doesn’t mean you need to express it! Lets just say Im a work in progress lol. My lesson’s that keep coming up are communication and forgiveness, boy I am always in progress with these! I will say its getting a bit easier, I’m venting more to myself, and letting go. Below are the pictures and words that got me thru this week. LMAO


Happy Friday

Keep Shining, XX ALIX


  1. always inspired by your inspirational collages. keep them coming! I had a “moment” this week too with working toward my goal. So I had to write out some words of therapy on a paper and it helped me get through it, they were: “breathe, relax, patience, faith, believe, strength, stamina, grit” – all of which I believe I need in order to get through the hard work I’m putting myself through. I’m working on not letting fear get in the way- that’s my work in progress!! Keep going Alix! make the most of this weekend xoxo

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