1. That is the perfect little setup. You’re so dead on with these lifestyle changes! I’m also a “rover” – doing my serious work on the couch, kitchen table, bed… everywhere except a grown organized space. It’s probably a psychological thing, that in my head I’m minimizing my own work because I’m not where I want to be yet, but even the journey to get there has to be valued and taken seriously, by ME. It’s time to take myself serious and get a desk and comfy (but cute!) chair in my room. Thank you!!

    1. Exactly I have to get my stuff together. I love my new set up but I still have to force myself to sit there lol. I’m getting used to it. You will make the changes u need I have faith! XX ALIX

  2. I got my desk and chair at IKEA, exact desk 19.99 and a blue chair 14.99. It has made ALL the difference in my work space. Inspired by your fashion sense! bc seriously i’ve never had a desk in my room (other than in college dorms) bc they’re always ugly and bulky and gave up on finding the “right” one. You’re a true fashionista and don’t limit yourself because the creativity is there! throw some things in your nail polish that nobody else would have thought of. xoxo

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