I’m not even sure how Beyonce was not the first person I used for this series. Beyonce is for sure my best example of this, as well as something my Grandma Gayle always said, “you can be pretty on the outside, but if your ugly on the inside your still ugly on the outside”. When I was feeling myself or being too mean,  my Grandma would just say one thing “INSIDES” and I knew to get it together. Beyonce to me is a true beauty but what makes her amazing is her “INSIDES”. Of all the celebs, you never hear anyone say she is mean or a bitch, even her competition or ex band mates only have great things to say. I’m sure that is hard to be in the lime light and always remain humble and kind!! Beyonce works hard, but always keeps her swagga lol. I have not always agreed with every fashion choice, but she always dresses for her body, and always owns her look for this I salute you Beyonce!!

Keep Shining, XX ALIX


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