I have always loved Jada, to me she is fearless, bad ass, and has a lot of the same beliefs I have. I think that she is  very in tune with her emotions, and makes very smart decisions. I have always tried to make the best choices, but I feel I live in fear of the what if. Jada made a video, called the red table talks. It was a video of herself, her mother, and willow, discussing any and everything. Jada’s mom was on drugs most of her childhood and her mother has A LOT of guilt about it. She felt Jada had resentment about how she was raised. Jada on the other hand didn’t, she said of course it was hard, or disappointing at times, but she used that as power to get to the next level in her life. She only had good things to say about her childhood and that made me think. I have issues with things about my childhood, but who doesn’t. I would love to sit with my grandmother and mother and really let it all out. I believe we all have things we hold on to. After watching the video I let a lot go. Not because anything changed but because it has no value on where my life is headed. I am grateful my mom worked her ass off for me, I am grateful she showed me how to be happy, and lastly I am grateful she never blamed anything on me being born. My mom is a fighter and It’s good to see her winning. Jada is someone that I look up to she is not only okay with the skin she is in, she is all about positivity and growth. #forevergrowing

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

View Video Here


  1. It’s amazing that you wrote this. Your Auntie Cris and I just talked about Jada and how amazing I thought she was and about the red table conversation that I’d seen. WOW!

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