Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful mothers or soon to be mother’s out there. To my mom your my everything, we are not the same, we are very different. I’m open to learning about you, and having a friendship on top of our kinship. I realize the sacrifices you made for me, you did it alone and even though it was not your choice, you did it with a smile. Thanks for stepping up to the plate shorty lol.
I love you with my all, u showed me love u showed me everything.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX



6 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

  1. We were both blessed with great moms…. As I get through my first mother’s day…. I am definitely so so grateful for my mother. My hat goes off to all the single mommies out there !!!

  2. You got it tally! Lol! I love you too baby, motherhood is one of those things that comes with a lot of ups and downs, but the one thing that never changes is the love you have for your child. You are a beautiful young woman and it is evident in the little boy who calls me GG. I am very proud of you! Remember 10% of what happens to you but 90% of how you respond! ❤ keep shining!

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