Yesterday I was off as well, I know two days in a row in retail is rare. So I spent It catching up on all my errands. The big perk, or only perk of being off on a weekday is everyone is open, and you can handle all your needs. I just did local stuff, weekly groceries for me and cj, .99cent store run,i’m kinda addicted to them :), and the mall. I like to go to big nice malls like any other girl, but every now and then I will hit up the Manhattan Beach mall, It’s very low key, and allows me to just hang out with the clothes.I love to dress up just like most girls but being a mom of a lil boy, you have to sometimes dress it down, but never forget your sparkle. Hope your week is off to a great start.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

J.Crew Sequin top, J.Crew Jeans (Matchstick), J.Crew Capri Fliflpos, Old Navy Safari Jacket, Vintage Earrings, and Chloe Shelby Bag in Milk.

6 thoughts on “RUNNING ERRANDS…

  1. I’m baaaaack! I love the new posts and the pictures along with them. I feel more connected to your story when I see you. Of course as always I want to know what’s happening in the fashion world. In addition to that I like that I’m getting to know yours as well. 😉

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