Sunday Best….

So if I’m off, Sunday is family day!! Carter was with his dad till the afternoon, so I hung with my mom at her job. Then we  all went to dinner. Since I need my mom to take my pic’s we turned her office into my lil photo shoot So excuse the background lol :). Last week my store had a huge sign with Free written on it and a box of stuff inside. I usually walk by things like this, mostly garbage. This time some sashes caught my eye. Because we are such a big store, dresses lose belts and ties get damaged so after they collect enough they give them away(better than to throw them away).  I saw three bright colored one’s all looking very DVF. I thought If nothing else I could wear them as head bands lol. So this week’s outfits post all came together because of my free stuff. I hope you enjoy

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

My Free Sash that I used as a tie It’s Blush pink Neon yellow Black and White

Gap Shirt and Skirt, J.Crew Vest and Silver Bracelet, Target Blk Clutch, Nine west Shoes, Tiffany Charm Bracelet, and Prada Sunnies.

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