Lot’s of people have an opinion on the Kardashians. While you hate they live, and live well. I like them all for different things. Kim and Kris Pure Hustlers, like they are what Rick Ross was talking about, when he said everyday I’m hustlin lol.  I like Kourtney, because she is a true lover of fashion,  she works her ass off, and is the best mom on TV since June Cleaver lol. Last but not least Khloe is my fav, just because I think what you see is what you get. To me she is the most real. I get who she is. I also love that she is a real woman,  she has curves and is not afraid to show them. Show biz is hard esp. when u are put against your own sisters. It’s unfair and i’m sure not easy to deal with. So today I salute you Mrs. Odom just for being your fabulous self . Have a great Monday everyone.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

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