I must say I’m on a constant hunt for ballet flats. So when I saw a customer in hers this weekend I had to ask, where she purchased her’s from. She said they were Repetto. I had no clue who that was, but she said they were the best ballet flat she has ever owned. Better than Lanvin, better than Tory Burch, and for sure better than Gap! She let me know that they lasted while traveling out of the country, in rain, and just in an everyday life. I googled them, and 99% of the reviews were excellent the only issue is that you need to order on size larger. So my lust begins lol.  Above is a couple of pictures and below is info on the brand.
Keep Shining, XX ALIX


When Rose Repetto created her first ballet shoes in her workshop on the Rue de la Paix in 1956, she was looking for refinement and elegance. Repetto\’s famous ballet flats, inspired by demi-pointe dancing shoes, have become legendary all over the world thanks to the fame of their illustrious owners, and to the stitch and return technique defined since the start of the tradition. Today the production of each shoe remains completely traditional and is surrounded with various quality controls. Just like every precious object, they are produced in limited edition.


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