It is Friday again, and time to look at this past week. I received feedback on grammar. I wanted to get defensive. I almost did not start this blog because of my hate for grammar. Grammar is something that I’m horrible at, and I guess I have just excepted it. When I received the feedback it was at work out loud around all my peers. It hurt my feelings and embarrassed me. I like the person that said it and they do not know my fears and or feelings about this. The old me would be upset, and delete the blog! I’m just in a place where I wanna be a better person. So I decided to focus more on the grammar aspect of my blog. I love fashion, and I do this from my soul. I would not put myself under this microscope if this was not something I truly loved. With that said I would like to end with one of my fav quotes, and the pics that made me smile this week.

Keep Shining,  XX ALIX

Sometimes my grammar is wrong but my thinking is right 🙂 – Kayne West

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