I was on a blog, and she stated she got all of her jewelry from SAM MOON! WHO? Lol so of course I had to google them. I was amazed at what I found, pages of earrings, necklaces, and rings, but the prices are the best part. I found stuff that department stores are selling that look exactly the same for a 5th of the price. Now of course there was somethings I did not love, but for women just starting out in jewelry, and accessory world this place is a must see and must shop. Mixed with fabulous clothes you would never know the earrings were $3.50. Also for mom’s with teens who want to bling but need to spend less this is the place to go. They have stores located in TX, but everyone else can shop online. I have added some of my fav pieces all under $20.00, plus a little info on the store.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX



Sam Moon was established in 1984 as a wholesale/importer of general merchandise under the Sam Moon Trading Co. name. Over the years, we have adjusted our business model to address the ever changing fashion industry. By 1991, our mission was to become a leader in providing the latest fashion while maintaining wholesale pricing.

Through the success of the Sam Moon Trading Co. retail stores, Sam Moon has been able to create other new retail businesses, such as Sam Moon Luggage & Gifts and Sam Moon Home Décor Store, which continue to focus on providing the best merchandise at the lowest prices.

Sam Moon has also diversified the company and currently owns, operates, and develops its own shopping centers, restaurants and real estate.

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