Good morning just a quick note, inflation is no joke! When I was 17 I wanted to wear a Gucci belt bag for after prom, my mom thought it was dumb, so she said no that was 2002 it was $250.00. I have gone to the Gucci store every year since and wanted to buy it, but I just can not get past the escalating price tag. I do not know if I thought the price would go down. I realize the price will only get worse. Before today, I had not checked the price in about a year, the last I knew it was $445.00. I looked at my fav vintage site Fashion Phile, and it was $395.00 for the used one, oh HELL NO! (in my Whitney voice). Well I was wrong the price of the belt bag has now more than doubled from when I originally wanted it, it is $530.00. I am aware that it was 10years ago, but I just think its crazy. I will never forget the first time I saw the bag. It was on sex and the city, Carrie wore it to the bar to see Aiden. I instantly loved it and still feel the same way. Moral of this long ass story, buy things you love and let go of the BS. I have had the money more than 100 times and have spent it on all kinds of stuff I do not remember. I now have to decide to bite the bullet and buy it from Gucci for $530.00, spend $395.00 on a used one or just let the bag go. Not sure what to chose but If I could go back in time I would have purchased it in 2002 (Graduation Money). #LessonLearned.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

4 thoughts on “INFLATION IS A……

  1. Boy do I remember that argument in south coast plaza! And my answer would still be the same 10 years later lol!

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