I have learned about so much doing this blog, It amazes me the topics that come to me in the middle of the night, or the brands I just stumble across that make my jaw hit the floor! I always look to charm and chain for the newest of the new in fashion jewelry, and today was no different. I found a great brand that made me feel as I need to have it, so I knew I had to pass it along. Its called Elizabeth Cole. Its a dope line made using gold and silver plating, and rhinestones lol. All the brands I love use the same things but find a way to make it their own. I love this brand and the prices are all over the place they start about $65.00 for the plain gold hoops, and the highest I saw was for a bridal necklace for $1200.00. I have included the jaw droppers from the line as well as a little bit about the brand.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

Check Them Out

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