My grandma J always purchased jewelry for me as a kid and a woman. It was always classic and always the good shit. I just had no clue the value and or how they were essential to my wardrobe. I was a kid, and like they say kids do not know shit! I did not take the best care of the stuff I received. I lost the jade earrings in college, in a fake lv back pack lol (sorry GMA). I have no clue where and when I lost the diamonds I received by my moms friend for my sweet sixteen. I did not get into studs until just recently after watching old re runs of Sex And The City. Carrie wore the bun with gold ball studs it looks classic but can also be funky paired with layers of necklaces. I then figured that a stud earring in silver, gold, pearl, and diamond are a must. I love jade, but it is not for everyone. I purchased mine at JC Penny. For $50.00 bucks, you get real gold studs, and you have money left to buy the silver. I have purchased from Tiffany’s and there lovely, but not enough of a difference lol. As women, we need to know when to spend and when to save! I included pic’s of my inspiration miss Carrie Bradshaw or Mrs. she did marry big lol, plus pics of the ball stud’s.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX


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