I’m not sure if I have talked about the fact that I love the GAP! I love it for women, men, and kids. It’s a little bit more relaxed, and less money than J.crew so It’s a win win. If I ever need a shirt or a quick outfit for me or my son its always the GAP. So you can understand my surprise when I’m checking out on Sunday and see NAIL POLISH! Its like my two fav things had a baby lol. I was amazed. I picked out a royal bluish purple (NEPTUNE) and a bright yellow (DANDELION) lol I know LAKER colors, but as long as I don’t wear them at the same time I’m okay. They were six dollars, which is an excellent price, and I love the thickness of it. I think it’s a better quality than MAC that cost $14.00 0r $15.00. For today, I used the bluish purple color and used Chanel’s matt top coat. I love it and i’m so happy with gaps new polish, you should try it. (Thanks mom)

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

PS I just read a rumor Gap polish is made by Chanel, If so I know why I like it. I have a love hate relationship with Chanel, Love the polish hate the price. If this is true, you should collect all of Gaps polishes they are 20.00 bucks cheaper than Chanel.

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