There are two types of people, Secure and Insecure, from time to time we have all been both. Have you ever walked into a place and the woman who has all the guys looking and trying to talk to her is not that pretty, but she owns who she is and it makes others want to know her. We all want to be around people that are fun, and most confident people are because they are more present in what they are doing. My fav of those women is AMEBER ROSE! She can wear anything, and it always looks fab! Paper bag tied with ribbon would work. It is a combination of genes and confidence with ones on body. I love a woman who owns who she is, and gives us no choice but to love it or leave it! I love her style, and the way she rocks fashion, I have included my fav fashion from Amber, let me know what you think?

Keep Shining, XX ALIX


  1. I’d agree that Amber seems to just as confident in cargo fatigues and a hoodie as she is when she’s rockin a body hugging cat suit! She even manages to wear practically nothing without coming off slutty! We as women def should celebrate what we have and learn to own it. I’m learning to own it.

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