I was telling one of my best friends T that I want some Timberland boots we call them TIMBS. She was appalled saying girls do not wear them in LA. I was like that is not true people wear them in LA, and I have had them before. She was disgusted lol. I thought damn am I crazy, so I started to look online. Not only did I see girls rocking them, but celebs like Rihanna and Amber Rose. I think both of those ladies have fabulous style, and I am excited to get me a pair of the original color. While researching, I found this pair that is from 2008, that Timberland did with gold chains as shoe strings I was intrigued. I found them, and they were on sale (they are 4years old) I can not wait till they come in the mail, I will make a repost showing everyday girls when, where, and how to rock Tims. I added pics of the celebs and of the shoes I ordered.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

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