Stay true to whom you are in everything you do including the way you dress. I was on Kim Kardashian website and saw this video. It was about women who are getting older but still show who they are through the way they dress. Of course, some things change, but for the most part, people should still see you in all that you wear. (Below the picture is a link to the video.)

I Hope I’m Like This When I’m Older – Kim Kardashian videos, photos and blog: Official website.

MS. E!! (yes she has on the Prada Borogue’s Sunnies)

The video made me think of a co worker, MS. E she has been with my store since it opened 15+ years, she has to be damn near 80 lol. She LOVES JEWELRY, SUNGLASSES, she just loves it all. She piles on the jewelry every day. She once said she does the same thing I do pick out her jewelry then her outfit. MS. E has told me that her daughters tease her and say she looks like MR. T, but she loves it. I always tease her about stealing her vintage collection lol, so she brought me a pair 🙂 I felt so special It meant so much. I love this stuff, and I think ms E is the only one who gets it. Whether you love it like us or not, don’t wear a trend just cause its hot, make sure it gives off who you are. You only get one time to give a first impression, so make sure it’s authentic! Be You it’s okay your unique that’s why only one of you was created!!

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

My Vintage Pair From Ms. E

2 thoughts on “BE YOU

  1. Great post! Whether we know it or not people start to build their own style. And it’s true you have to be authentic. I know the things I just can’t pull off because I don’t feel it. I think it looks great on others but just not me!

    1. 4sure I can’t wear somethings that I love but I think Patricia Field showed us all (she is the head stylist for sex and the city) that if its you and authentic what others think doesn’t matter and it will be okay, carrie Bradshaw was really out there with her fashion but it was authentic to who her character was so it worked!!

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