Happy Friday guys! I work retail, so that doesn’t mean a thing to me, but I’m sure the are tons of you screaming T.G.I.F. LMAO! I will make this short and sweet. I unpack every piece of jewelry when it comes to my counter but this latest collection of Marc By Marc Jacobs I could not get past the first piece! It is by far the best collection I have ever seen by them. The 2 pieces I posted are must haves if you like Marc By Marc Jacobs or not. Its a take on a classic style done by LAVIN (if you don’t know about LAVIN do a quick google) but for about a forth of the price. It’s not cheap but made well, and since it’s black and gold will take from spring right into fall. If you don’t have a lot of jewelry, or you want some key pieces these are it. Enjoy your weekend, see ya Monday!!

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Metal Ribbons’ Big Twist Necklace


MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Metal Ribbons’ Wrapped Cuff Gold One Size


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