So everyone who knows me knows I’m all about the JEWELS. My dept manager shows her jewelry to me every day, it’s like a what can I kill her with today kinda thing between us and our Jewelry. She is an ex model and fashion director, so she can damn near wear anything, But Her jewelry is FAB! About 2weeks ago she came in with 2 cuffs on, I could barley breathe. They were everything I love. I asked her the who, what, where, and how. She explained that they were her grandmothers and they were made using a process called “PASTE”. I had no knowledge of what paste was, but I knew It was for me. A lot of the paste items are extremely old, and some have imperfections, but I call that just a little bit of character!! I found a clear definition of what paste is and some great paste jewelry on Etsy. I think its always exciting to learn about different things, I guess it’s what my mom meant when she said you should never stop learning!

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

Paste is a synonym for glass when used in the context of a gem material. Glass has been used as a gemstone imitation since ancient history for obvious reasons: it’s transparent, can be colored in many ways and resembles all kinds of gemstones when polished.


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