As I’m watching Jay Z SXSW concert live on one of my fav blogs BAD NOT GOOD. I can’t take my eye’s off his hat! I have been against the entire snap back movement, but I have to admit they are growing on me. I could not wait until the end of the show I added a new tab and searched who designed that hat. Leroy Jenkins came up! LMAO I thought It was a fucking joke. I’m learning so much doing this blog, It’s been a truly eye opening journey. There are so many brands out there that I need to know about and have no clue they exist. I kinda get it because when I had my line it wasn’t that out there, but some influential people wore and supported me. While looking up Leroy Jenkins, I found another great snap back line called Adeen they are a little more pricy, but FABl! Below are pics of the snap backs along with some info on the brands.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

At Leroy Jenkins we keep our designs fresh and bold while maintaining that classic Southern charm; offering both limited and unlimited pieces that appeal to a higher breed of street style. By focusing on fabric, texture and fit, it is the attention to detail that keeps our designs unique and classic.

All Snap backs are $45.00

Check it out at there store

∆DEEN is a New York City based accessory line from 20 year old lower east side native Rembrandt Duran. Remy is striving toward his dream of building ADEEN into a lifestyle brand using individuality, originality, and knowledge of style. His goal is to bring “fun” back into the world of fashion.

They Range from $170.00-$180.00

Check them out at there store.

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