I love fashion, not just expensive fashion. I thought today I would look at places that everyone has been, and everyone can afford. I went to Forever 21 for jewelry and clothes, and Pay less for Shoes. I first picked out my fav Jewelry all for under $10. Then picked a head to toe outfit with shoes, all 4 under $70.00. All the pieces are versatile and will give you lots of wear. I love this trend of neon. J.crew is skilled at mixing this trend in with things you normally would not, and making it apart of your everyday life. I love that all these items are priced well and allows you to take a chance and figure out if this trend works for you!!

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

2 thoughts on “NEON 4 LESS

  1. I love the look you created. I think you should continue this entry weekly. There are a lot of ladies that lack the creativity when picking out what to wear. The fact that it’s for less makes this post worthy of being a fashion bible study lol.

    1. I think I will 4 sure do them once every 2weeks, and give different levels of 4 less. Some people can’t by gucci but they don’t have to buy at ross. I will pick different price points each time, so I can address everyone!! Thanks for your feed back XX, ALIX

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