De-clutter your space De-clutter your life!

Before Clothes

Before Shoes

I have always showed my closet love as messy as I was as a teen my closet has always been organized! Now in my late 20’s I realize that if my home is organized so is my life. I take it very serious and I try to pass that same feeling on to my clients. I have been in retail for a long time now and threw the years some of my clients, friends,and family have paid me to do there closets over. I first start with me going threw the closet alone with out them and placing all items in three piles, keep ,throwaway and sell. All the items in the keep pile are for sure Items, even if they don’t fit perfect we can get them tailored, but they are great long lasting pieces that I know for sure will work with the look the client is going for. Since most of the people I do this for I know I don’t need to consult with them I know who they are and what they are going for. I allow them to go threw all piles and see if I missed anything. After I have all the items that are going back in the closet I organize by what it is, all like items go together by color and fabric.Once thats complete I style the items, meaning if the you wear it with the sleves rolled up I place it in the closet the same way. If items are styled it helps you visulize how it will look and allow you to make the best choices if you don’t have the most time getting dressed. After I’m done with this whole project I provide my client with a shopping list, things I feel they need to complete there waredrobe. A lot of times we shop with no direction and end up with three pairs of gray cargo pants. I’m not saying they only have to buy what I place on the list, but Its a way for them to se whats missing and have a focus when they are shopping. Above and below I have before and after pics of the last closet I did.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

After Clothes

After Clothes

After Shoes

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