Classic or Trend?

I have loved designer bags since I knew what a designer bag was! I always wanted the newest greatest bag, so when I was younger I would sell my bags at a thrift store on melrose called Wasteland. They were pretty fair, they would give you about half price. I always had to have the newest and greatest, but along the way, I lost some significant bags. Out of all the bags I sold 2 were classic and should have been preserved in their dust bags. 1) The Dior saddle bag and 2) the Fendi baguette. I was 19, and I knew nothing of what I know now. After being in retail and being a lover of fashion I know what to spend my money on, I know what is for now and what I will pass down to my children. Every brand has collection pieces or “it” bags. The Louis Vuitton speedy, The Dior saddle, The Fendi Baguette, and It bag of all bags The Hermes BIRKIN. Recently while, looking at one of my fav online vintage shops, Fashion Philes I came across a Dior Saddle in blue denim, It was in excellent condition and I had to have it! I was so happy, I see the bag all the time on ebay, but either its dirty or its too high or I don’t trust the seller. With fashion phile, I was given my bag back. Please learn about your bags, with most it bags they sell out quite fast, but what I look for is a bag that is fashionable but has a timeless shape and clean lines. With all the bags, I posted no matter the color or fabric they all are a perfect shape and have minimal design, just a lovely bag simple but chic. If you have any questions on whats classic or trend, or whats worth the money, please email I would love to help.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

2 thoughts on “Classic or Trend?

    1. Yes it is the camouflage Louis Vuitton speedy not sure what your price point is. But it’s a collectors item you can maybe get it around 2500 maybe more lol. But they carry the speedy in all kinds of colors and fabrics ranging in price.

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