Ok I'm not a big follower of trends, and so I have waited two years to look at this trend ,but I think I’m finally on board. Detachable collars!?! I have looked at other bloggers talk about this and thought It was totally crazy! After some time, I realized how beneficial this can be for layering and not getting too hot, [...]


I have never been into nails with a design, not even done a french tip in 10years! So when I saw this design on Necole Bitchie I was blown away, rather than just getting a regular mani I thought why not try it. Its called the outline mani, and If your nail girl is not the best at design I would not consider it. Mine isn’t perfect, but I [...]


I have a 16month old little boy named CJ, usually I am a bargain hunter, but for my little boy I just can not seem to go cheap. I know he grows fast, but little boys clothes at target or children’s place are horrible. I’m sorry to shot them out, but mom’s of lil boys will totally agree. I can only shop for my son at polo (outlet [...]


Stay true to whom you are in everything you do including the way you dress. I was on Kim Kardashian website and saw this video. It was about women who are getting older but still show who they are through the way they dress. Of course, some things change, but for the most part, people should still see you [...]