Big Deal vs. Good Deal: Handbags

Now I’m always about saving money, but with somethings I just can’t. I realize all things come from somewhere, inspiration is one thing, but some retailers who just blatantly steal. It’s unfair to the design house, and it’s unfair to that customer who think this is an original design. They have no idea why its painted red or who the hell Christian Louboutin is. There are some retailers that I think are just using the couture designers as an inspiration, to give customers a good product, while keeping them in trend. So below, I have put together my take on great bags and similar bags that are still quality without the hefty price tag.

The bag on top is the Prada Staffiano Tote it retails for about $2100.00, the bag on the bottom is the Tory Burch Robinson tote it retails for $575.00. The Prada is better, but I think the Tory Burch is a great option, still not cheap but a fraction of the Prada price.

The bag on top is the Celine Luggage Tote the cost range from $1,900.00-$2,600 depending on the material, the bag on the bottom is the J.Crew Tillary Tote which range from $228.00-$328.00. I think J.Crew is a great option its cute, not as luxe, but I’m not sure the Celine is worth 9time’s more IJS. With all these options out there, we have no reason not be chic at every price point.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

4 thoughts on “Big Deal vs. Good Deal: Handbags

  1. I’m all about a deal as well, however when it comes to buying similar designs as high-end designers you have to be careful of the quality. I’ve learned that the less expensive things aren’t made to last so in most cases the extra money is worth it if you got it. If not the second option is always good, I guess. LOL

    1. I totally agree with you, but everyone can’t buy the $2000.00 bag so for them its not a life long keepsake it’s a right now kinda thing. I love fashion but there are some things I need the next best! lol thanks again for your comment I love the passion! XX, ALIX

    1. lol Next post on big deal vs good deal i will give u a third option. I realize there are some readers that may want it. I buy 1to 2 bags a year but some may buy more frequent needing them to be quality but more wallet friendly. XX ALIX

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