Whats The Meaning?

I love when people show who they are with clothing and jewelry. I do this a lot with necklaces and statement pieces, but not with my everyday things. I’m not loyal to any one piece of jewelry. I will wear something one day, but I won’t wear again for months. Lately, I have seen this giant trend with bracelets that you never take off. I like it because it becomes a part of you, not just fun, but the jewelry takes on a meaning. I am seriously thinking about what I want my meaning to be. I only have 1 piece of jewelry that has meaning to me, that is my Tiffany bracelet, I got it 11years ago from my mom. I have kept it all these years even though its, not as “in” as it once was, It means the world to me. I add charms to it on really memorable occasions, my son’s birth, 25th b day things like that. I always thought I would wear it until I was 30 and then up grade to gold. With all the mixing of metals and the meaning of jewelry, I think I will just add the gold charms to the silver bracelet my mom got me. I think that is the perfect way to start my never take off bunch. My mom is where I first felt love, she is my mother and father, she is who made me. Not sure what the rest will be but i’m off to a great start. Above there is a picture of me and my mom and below are some displays of this trend!!

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

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