I love jewelry! Like genuinely love it! Once got in a fight with my ex, left all my clothes but took my jewelry, not talking diamonds talking fashion jewelry. It makes me happy, I just love what it gives my outfits, it takes me up a notch. I love the glam of a vintage necklace or the attitude chandelier earrings, or how cool bangles piled on look. I pretty much have always loved the bling and wanted a store that had a little bit of everything. I just never seen a place that had only jewelry, and even had vintage jewelry. That was until I stumbled upon Charm & Chain. It’s exactly what I wanted. They have every I mean every fashion jewelry designer that’s worth anything, from Sequin to Badgley Miscka. Even designers that are not as popular like Assad Mounser. I love the selection of jewelry, I even find them less in price than Neiman Marcus, and other quality retailers. I search and pray to get stuff from Charm & Chain. I’m not poor, but I’m closer to poor than rich so don’t think I can buy everything, I pick and chose what I get, but I love it all. Visit Charm & Chain they have something for everyone don’t let the 1,100 necklace by shourouk scare you. There are things by other designers that are more wallet friendly. Above and below I have added pictures of Shourouk’s new collection that just hit charm and chain.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

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