The Tee Shirt

In LA, it is an extremely relaxed place anything goes! We LA people love our sunnies, flip flops, but we need our T-shirt. We dress them up, dress it down. It is for the day and night. We will spend hundreds on just a plan white T.

J.crew Vintage T

My fav t-shirt is J.Crew vintage T shown rt above it’s 29.50 but its worth every penny. A t-shirt is so perfect they can give a very dressy outfit perfect coolness. Recently in the world of subscribe and membership, Mary kate and Ashley have teamed up to bring you StyleMint, where every month you get a new Tee for around $30.00. I love the idea of this but for me its all about how the tee feels if I can’t feel I can’t buy it IJS! There are lots of different styles of tee shirts from Packages of 3 to Chanel. Tee’s sure do sometimes make the outfit take SJP in the SATC2 movie the Dior Tee took over. I love plain tee’s, and I love embellished, J.Crew does the best job of mixing the 2 styles with everything even tweed and sequin pencil skirts. For me, the most I have ever spent was 79.50, but It was embellished and fun. I love YSL tee’s for men, I think its extremely fashionable but for 295.00 it’s kinda high. This is a trend that is never going anywhere, and that is for everyone, just pick what works for your style. Above and below I have picked some of my fav’s.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

2 thoughts on “The Tee Shirt

  1. I too love a great T-shirt. I will spend more on a t-shirt if it feels extremely soft. My husband is finally stepping away from the hard stiff Pro-Club undershirts. Do you know wear I can find soft XXL white tees for him? Thanks!

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