Orbit Necklace 138.00  99.99

Now I can admit I have a love and hate relationship with J.CREW, I love damn near everything they have (especially the jewels and accessories), and I hate the high ass prices. So I almost always wait until sale, now this is like playing Russian Roulette. Unless there is something that I know for a fact will sell out, I will wait. What I do is when the new items come in I look at the website I pick out what are my Wants, Needs, and must haves. I write down the name and the item number. Because I work in a mall that has an impressive J.CREW I’m lucky, FYI in J. Crew stores the items go on sale faster and start lower than online. On my list, I write what price I’m willing to pay for these items, for most necklaces I won’t go over 60.00, belts 19.99, to get the jist. For the most part, It’s a waiting game, I work in a mall, so I can look every day, this may not work for you. What you can do is call your local store and give them the item #, They are more than happy to look it up for you. Every Tuesday they do mark downs, so you can just check then lol. Where this gets tricky is, your item may never go down to your price it may sell out first, I admit there has been a couple that I regret I didn’t buy. Over the years, I have gotten better at this it takes time to learn what items will go to, and what Items the average J.Crew customer can’t live without. But for them most part your able to get really impressive things at a reasonable price. The pic’s I posted is of my 2 fav Necklaces that are currently on sale.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

Geode Necklace$98.00  69.99

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