Keeping your clothes, accessories, and jewelry in excellent condition neat and organized, is just as valuable as getting them. Who cares if you have the Fendi bag if you damage it or never wear it because you can’t find it. To me organization is the key, if it’s organized it will remain how you left it. Bags should always be placed back in the dust bag. Jewelry always needs to go back in your jewelry box or armoire. I keep my belts rolled in a J Crew reusable bag, but there are hangers for belts that vary for the amount of belts you have. I also keep my scarfs folded in a reusable bag. For sunnies, I keep mine in a large box with the sunnies inside the case they came in, but I just purchased a display case for my sunnies that will allow for better storage.

For my clothes, I put them on two types of hangers brown velour for shirts and dresses, and dark brown wood ones for heavy items like seaters, jeans, skirts and jackets. I like using the same hangers because it places all you clothes on the same level. It allows you to see everything, so you know what you actually have. I keep all my shoes in clear boxes, except the brown and yellow boxes (I can’t seem to get rid of them). I have posted a couple of products I think will help you organize your accessories and jewelry, as well as a pic of my own jewelry box. We spend so much on our things, we have to protect our investment.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

4 thoughts on “Organization

  1. I admit that I am really bad with organizing my sunglasses. They aren’t expensive, but they still should be put away properly. I like the case you displayed. Where Can I get one for myself?

  2. I really need to get organized with my jewelry. I have started to purchase more pieces and need a place that gives me easy access to them and something to carry them in for travel. Any suggestions?

    1. I love jewelry armoire’s but they can get pricy, if you don’t want to spend that much try plastic containers until you get a large enough jewelry box. they will get you organized and tangle free.
      XX ALIX

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