Seven Must Have Sunnies

When living in LA the must have item is Sunnies! Every brand makes sunnies and every store carry sunnies, so it isn’t hard to find “your pair”. I love trendy items but with things that I spend a lot on e.g. bags, heel’s, and sunnies I go for classic. Classic doesn’t mean Ann Taylor (no offense) It just means I choose items that have the ability to be worn years from now. Trust I know that is not always easy, but with time and practice, you will do it with ease. The way I find classic sunnies is I look at if the pair actually work for my face, then I look at the shape. See fashion just repeats itself, they may add a pearl, leather, diamonds and gold, but the base shape should be timeless. After that, you can play with the color or whats on the temple that doesn’t matter. Over the years working in retail mainly in accessories, I have had A LOT of sunnies, but there are 5 that I thought every girl should own!

#1 Chanel Large circle or square

#2 Ray Ban Aviators

#3 Ray Ban Wayfarer

#4 Dior Glossy 1S

#5 Dita Supa Dupa

Those were all I thought you needed that was until I met the PRADA “BAROQUE” round sunnies. They are lucky six and seven (you need them in black and tort). I was shown these by my work husband who hated them and just wanted us to get a long laugh! I instantly fell in ❤ I put them on and didn’t take them off for and hour, and I was at work lol! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend 290.00 on them, i’m a new mom and $300.00 are A LOT of milk, so I went home to sleep on it. Came to work early to get them and they were sold out WTF! It took 4months for us to get them back in, as soon as they came out the box I bought them. These are a must have, I know that round isn’t for everyone, but these are worth a try on. Long story short Fashion goes in a circle but as long as you chose timeless items you will always be “in style”. Lastly ALWAYS trust your fashion gut If you love it buy it, better safe than sorry, and you can always return it! Below I have my new additions to THE LIST.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

#6 Prada Baroque Black

#7 Prada Baroque Tort

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