She Got A Mean Shoe Game!!

Cassie Ventura

Angela Simmons

As a woman, you have to have heel’s, boot’s (tall & short), flats and sneakers. As I got older, I let my sneaker game slip A LOT! I felt that was one shoe type I didn’t need to keep up with. It wasn’t about the cost or anything like that I just felt I was too old. My cousin and best friend who are big sneaker heads said to me “bish your trippen step your game up!” As I thought about I’m only 27, and I feel sneaks are apart of me. A fresh pair of J’s feels just as good as a new red bottom! Besides I have a son,  I have to stay a little hip. Shoes are the best accessory, the right kicks can make your look. Lesson here If you wanna wear your XVI retro J’s with or without the sleeve do it who gives a fuck! Below and above I posted pics of my fav celebs wearing kick’s I even found one of Beyonce in s.carters of course.

Keep Shining, XX ALIX

My Fav Sneaks

Khloe Kardashian


2 thoughts on “She Got A Mean Shoe Game!!

  1. I don’t think sneakers have an age cap…more like a place, time, and function. Today I wore a black leather jacket, a slinky sexy white tank, fitted red jeans, and my old skool black/ red pattys (J’s for the uneducated lol). Now I’m about to watch everyone else eat dinner, so I traded my sneaks for a black pair of stiletto heeled boots. I don’t think sneaks are appropriate for dinner. I love sneaks. I can’t wait to cop my pair on Saturday (IV in black, grey, white) ;). You should get a pair too 😉

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